ACAN and Domus 8.7

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ACAN and Domus 8.7

Learning Managment System

ACAN Suppliers

This 30-minute module provides an overview of modern slavery, key topics include: • What is modern slavery • Sweat and toil • Goods and services • Modern slavery in Australia

ACAN-Modern Slavery 101

An introduction to modern slavery and how it may manifest in operations and supply chains of goods and services procured in Australia and overseas.

Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network

ACAN-Modern Slavery Risk Management For Suppliers

This module will help suppliers to Modern Slavery Act reporting entities develop a modern slavery risk management program that meets contractual obligations and aligns with values of respecting and protecting the rights of all workers.

Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network Training Team

Building Links - "Who do you see on site?"

Building Links online training module is designed for construction site supervisors. Learn how to recognise the red flags of labour exploitation, risk to workers on site and how to respond. Building Links is funded by an Australian Government grant.